K K EYE Institute

Vision for All:

The Institute treats patients belonging to all age groups. It provides a one stop shop for eye care for the entire family. It has treated infants as young as 45 days and elderly as old as 101 years! (for both consultation as well surgeries).

The Institute has well designed, premium and value for money surgery packages as well as inpatient facilities comprising of special as well as deluxe rooms to suit the needs of different economic strata. The motto “world class eye care facility at affordable costs to all sections of the society” has transformed the institute into a destination for any patient with visual problems.

Recognizing the perspective that eye care is a more “planned” field of medicine, to facilitate patient and the accompanying relatives’ convenience, Consultation Clinics function late into the evenings and are open on Sundays too.

Spectrum of services

The K K Eye Institute with its rich surgical and clinical expertise is proficient in treating the entire spectrum of services of ophthalmology which includes diagnosing and treating simple eye complaints related to spectacle power assessment, refractive errors, computer vision syndrome, contact lenses, allergies and infections, cataracts and complicated ones like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, age related macular disorders, optic disc and nerve problems, ptosis, orbit, oculoplasty and lid corrections, squints, retinopathy of prematurity and several other pediatric eye conditions.

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