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Sadhu Vaswani

He is the Founder of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. He continues to inspire us in spirit and it is with his blessings that we can carry out all the noble work. He believed that at the heart of all religions was the message of love and sacrifice. He often stated:

“I do not aspire for Mukti (salvation). I fain would be born again and again, if only that I might be of help to those that suffer and are in pain.”

A born orator, he addressed large crowds of men and women. They marvelled at his words and as he spoke, he awakened new aspirations within them. A prolific writer, his writings, a perfect blend of eloquence and intellect unfolded an unknown world penetrated by a spiritual fire.

Simple, unpretentious, singularly free from show and ostentation, he moved about as a man amongst men, serving them in his characteristic selflessness. His actions were driven by immense empathy.

He was prophetic when he said “New India will be built not in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha but in the home and the school.” In 1933, Sadhu Vaswani founded the Mira Movement in Education which centred on character building, spiritual awakening and service. Today, the Sadhu Vaswani Mission runs schools and colleges for girls in Pune and other cities in India where thousands of students receive an education from the pre-primary to post-graduate level. Along with academic excellence, the education is structured to nurture the nascent spirituality in every child and encourages each student to participate in humanitarian activities.

He believed in an idealistic yet pragmatic way to attain God, “Man need not run away from the world to the solitude of a mountain-cave or a forest-grove. He must live in the world and fulfil his duties and obligations. To a young man, who wanted to resign his job and renounce the world and go out and live on a mountain-peak, Sadhu Vaswani said: - “He whom you seek is not afar. He is in your office. He is in your home. He is with you, within you. Serve your old mother, live a life of purity and prayer, harm no one, cry out to Him in love and longing, and it will not be long before He reveals Himself to you!”

In his vision of Cosmic Oneness, Sadhu Vaswani pleaded for mercy to all animals who he voiced are man’s “younger brothers and sisters.” He prophesized that “I verily believe the day is coming when meat eating will be condemned as murder!” for all life he emphasised is sacred. All life is an embodiment of the Universal Being.

Sadhu Vaswani's life brought hope and faith to lost and wandering souls. The purpose of his life was to spread love and happiness wherever life took him. He spread the message of the prophets and saints of the East and West and lead countless souls to new realms of awakening!

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