K K EYE Institute


The focus and consciousness of “quality” makes the K K Eye Institute unique in its services. Quality is by far the most important criteria in the evaluation of the success of an eye surgery i.e. Better the Quality, greater the chances of Perfect or Close to Perfect Restoration of Vision.

Parameters which reflect enhanced “quality” are:

  • Deep sensitivity to a patient’s need inspired by the ideal of patient care.
  • A concerned and understanding approach to the patient’s problem.
  • Extensive pre and post operative counseling structured to suit a patient’s understanding.
  • A strict surgeon appointment protocol.
  • The expertise and skill of senior surgeons and eye specialists.
  • The full time system of doctors (doctors not attached to multiple clinics and other hospitals, with a commitment. only to the patients of K K Eye Institute).
  • Unnecessary and unwarranted procedures and investigations are not done.
  • Ethics, transparency and accountability.
  • Sophisticated Equipment and Technology.
  • State of the Art Operation Theatres.
  • Spectrum of Services of various specialties of eye care.
  • Comprehensive eye care for all ages.
  • The superior quality of the intra-ocular lens implanted.
  • Meticulously followed sterility protocols.
  • Comprehensive pre operative checkups and post operative checkups.
  • The backing of a professional medical team and a vibrant administrative team.
  • Standard operating procedures and streamlined systems.
  • Spacious and peaceful facilities.
  • Courteous and comfortable inpatient rooms.
  • Rich experience of 86,000 cataract, glaucoma, squint and retinal surgeries and 4,95,000 consultations.

In addition, the Counseling unit carries outpatient counseling sessions which not only address problems and queries of patients but transparently dispenses all information about the procedure or surgery to be performed. Audio visual documentaries are used to explain “Proper Post Operative Care” encompassing all “do’s and don’ts” customized to suit a patients understanding and the specific procedure he has undergone.

“May I never forget that the patient is a fellow creature in pain. May I never consider him merely a vessel of disease.”
12th Century Philosopher-Physician, Maimonides

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