K K EYE Institute

Management Team

The K K Eye Institute has built a vibrant set of human resources and a participative system of decision-making and work is carried out with clockwork sincerity and the dedicated efforts of over 90 odd team members who work tirelessly with the singular objective of simply providing the most sensitive patient care. The team members adopt a simplistic, earnest approach to work and serve; with a keen sense of improvement and constant ability to identify and adapt to change.

The administration team comprises of professional management experts and healthcare administrators. Empowerment is facilitated through the appointment of dedicated resources for Patient Care Services, Management of Operation Theatres and Inpatient Facilities, Finance and Human Resources and subsequent decentralization of activities.

Additionally, a focused approach on functional and motivational workshops for ongoing skill upgradation that is customized for officers, front end team, doctors, security guards and the housekeeping team help shape not only skills but more importantly attitudes at the work place.

The team has acquired technical skills and increased exposure to protocols followed at some of the premium eye care centers.

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